Apartment Buildings

Doron Building Management's Approach

Different Building Management

Working For You Only

We earn exclusively from the tenants council and not from any providers.

Hence we are loyal just to the landlords and the tenants.

No Commissions!

We don't gain from providers any kind of "commissions", "brokering fee" etc.

Saving Your Money

We bargain for you with each and every provider.

We do maximum in order that you'll pay minimum.

Maximal Transparency & Efficient Charging

Proper and transparent financial management.

Experts in collecting debts.

Reliability & Availability 24/7

Direct link with the building manager without any outsource call centre.


Doron Building Management

The whole headache related with management of buildings and their maintenance - is our profession.

Doron Building Management believes in transparency, fairness and reliability in its work with VAAD HABAYIT (The Tenants Council). We work for the development of good relations among the neighbours, excellent maintenance in normal times and in emergency and fine balanced financial management. All for the peace of mind of the Tenants Council, the landlords and the tenants.

Doron Building Management knows the best service providers, and thanks to that can reach the best prices (without any kind of "brokering" fee).

The building is shiny, the garden is neat, the systems are well maintained, the money charging is efficient, the transparency is maximal, the neighbours are smiling and the maintenance prices are dropping. This way we make a building to a home.

As Doron Building Management is sure that its service is of the highest standard and quality and is certain about your full satisfaction - you can easily cut the contract in case we don't meet your expectations.

Doron Bulding Management is part of M. S. M. Doron Holdings LTD., which was founded in 1988 as a private family owned company dealing in real estate.

Doron Building Management will be glad to provide fluent English service with a smile to you too.

Hence let's set a meeting for knowing each other and making also your building to a home.

Modern Apartment Block
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“Non standard service, doing above and beyond. I warmly recommend. There is treatment and response for each question. They managed our tenants council for 4 years and it was great. Even when there were problem, you knew they were taken care of and you got peace of mind.

— Beni Ankri,

Ramat Gan

“We are highly satisfied of the company.

Ofek manages the building with great professionalism and dedication.

All the tenants get polite and patient response and every problem is treated seriously and swiftly.”

— Dr. Batia Appelfeld,


“Ofek is an agreable and nice person who does excellent work in taking care of every detail in the building. He also thinks forward for preventing faults that might happen. It's good to know that there is one who always listens and cooperates and puts all his efforts for the routine maintenance up to the highest level. My Wife Michal and I feel that we are privileged to live in a building of the highest standards - mostly thanks to the work of Ofek Matathias.”

“Ofek, many thanks for your serious and dedicated treatment of each and every problem - big and minor likewise. I greatly appreciate your work.”

— Dr. Michal Golan,

Ramat Gan

Contact Us

Doron Building Management

Maccabi Building, P.O.B 13

1 Ze'ev Jabotinski Road

Ramat Gan 5252001


Email: doronihul@gmail.com

Tel: +972-(0)54-3455241

Whatsapp: +972-(0)3-5752022

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